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It is time to nominate our February Book of the Month. Let’s let the fun of a new book and discussion begin.

This month, in anticipation for Valentine’s, we are looking for your FAVORITE ROMANCES… We have a few already on our reader’s favorite bookshelf, but wanted to add a few more to our selections. Please add your favorite romance to our list and we will get the poll up soon.


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This is a great group of book lovers… We have great genre discussions, more free offers than any other group. I am looking forward to a great discussion!!!

Toby Little: Writing Letters to the World

Repost from the Huffington Post: this story of Toby Little moved me.  What a great commitment, and a joy to read.  Here’s the original story:

Many little kids dream of changing the world, but how does someone so small make an impact on a place so big?

This 5-year-old boy from the UK may have found a way.

toby little writing to the world

Toby Little, of Sheffield, England, is reaching out to every country in the world through a campaign of handwritten letters. He’s determined to contact at least one person from each of the UN’s 193 nations — and get a response back.

Toby’s mission began earlier this year with a reading assignment from school. His mother, Sabine Little, told The Huffington Post via email:

In the UK, children bring books from school to read at home. Back in May, he chose a book called “A Letter to New Zealand,” which describes the journey a letter takes. After reading it, he asked, “Mummy, can I write a letter to New Zealand?” –- and while I was still trying to work out how I might wing that, he said, “Can I write a letter to the whole world?”

toby little writing to the world

At first she thought his enthusiasm for the project would wane, but 239 letters later, Toby is still going strong.

So far he’s written to 187 countries and heard back from 66 of his contacts. He now has a website called “Writing to the World” where he and his mother track his progress.

“Every country we find is celebrated as a success -– more so, the further along we get -– there are only six missing now!” Sabine Little wrote.

toby little writing to the world

But Toby’s project won’t end there. The 5-year-old also wants to find a way to help the people he’s connected with.

“When we started writing letters, we kicked off with easily accessible, first-world countries,” his mother added. “Suddenly, we got an address for Somalia. When we researched the country, Toby was sad and asked what he could do to help. Together, we looked for a charity whose work was accessible to children.”

Toby chose ShelterBox, a charity that provides for families and children who have lost everything due to disasters. Just today, Toby met his goal of raising $950 (£590) for a shelter box containing all the resources a hard-hit family might need. And his fundraising won’t stop there.

“I want the world to be a better place,” Toby told Good Morning America.

What’s the next goal for a boy who’s already reached almost every country in the world?

“If you ask Toby, he’ll tell you that it is to visit all the countries!” Sabine Little wrote.

You can also find Toby on his Facebook page.  Go, Toby!

ASK AN AGENT Event w/ Sheree Bykofsky, Literary Agent, July 17th — 19th

Modern Good Reads Presents:

ASK AN AGENT, with ~ Sheree Bykofsky


July 17th-19th

Discussion here═► ASK AN AGENT w/Sheree Bykofsky

Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc., AAR, represents hundreds of authors in all areas of adult non-fiction as well as literary and commercial fiction. Her non-fiction specialties include popular reference, business, health, psychology, poker, spirituality, self-help, humor, cookbooks, pop culture, biography, women’s issues, decorating & crafts, music, and much more.

*Full list of Authors/Books Represented Here ═►

Sheree is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Publishing at New York University and an Adjunct Professor at Rosemont College. She teaches and lectures at a variety of conferences and symposiums around the country, including the upcoming interactive 2-hour workshop entitled “The Six Secrets of Successfully Published Authors” at the Ocean City, NJ, Free Public Library on Wednesday, August 21st at 7:00 p.m. EDT in meeting room N111. For more information about “The Six Secrets of Successfully Published Authors,” please contact Karen Mahar at:

Author and Speaker:

Sheree Bykofsky is the author, co-author and editor of more than twenty books, including the best-selling The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Published (Pearson), now in its fifth edition.

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COME JOIN US at Modern Good Reads for a chat with Sheree on publishing, an agent’s role in today’s turbulent world of publishing, and working with NY Publishers.

July 17th-19th

Discussion here══►ASK AN AGENT w/Sheree Bryskofsky

Ask A Publisher ~ LISA RUTHERFORD, CEO of digital publisher COLILOQUY, July 11th-12th

Modern Good Reads Presents:
Ask A Publisher ~ LISA RUTHERFORD, CEO of digital publisher COLILOQUY
July 11th-12th

Discussion here═► Ask A Publisher ~ LISA RUTHERFORD, CEO of digital publisher COLOQUIY, July 11th-12th

is the co-founder and CEO of digital publisher Coliloquy. She has been e-reading since 2006 and is deeply passionate about using technology to create new types of books and tell stories in ways that weren’t possible on the printed page.

Lisa started off as an undergraduate English major from Pennsylvania, before making her way west to California. Most recently an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Lisa was named an AlwaysON Top 25 Women to Watch in Tech and has an MBA from Stanford and an MA from the University of Chicago.


Coliloquy is a digital publisher focused on active and interactive storytelling. We leverage advances in technology to create groundbreaking new forms of digital content and innovative business models. Originally developed as part of the Kindle Developer Program, we launched in early 2012. Eighteen months later, we have over 30 authors under contract, and our books and apps are available across all tablet, phone, and e-reading platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle, NOOK, and Kobo.

Coliloquy publishes a wide range of interactive series and standalone novels – from YA to adult suspense to nonfiction and everything in between. Recent projects have included:

HARD LISTENING, a mixed media memoir by an all-star line-up of literary titans, including Stephen King, Mitch Albom, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, and Dave Barry. The book interweaves, essays, fiction, email conversations, fun quizzes, and archived footage for a unique look inside these authors’ lives.

GEORGETOWN ACADEMY, our “West Wing meets Gossip Girl” YA series, just wrapped up its first season in our new mini-series format and featured our popular choice point technology.

KINGDOM KEEPERS INSIDER, an interactive app that invites readers of the Kingdom Keepers MG book series to help author Ridley Pearson write the seventh and final book in the series. Winners of weekly contests will be included in the final book published by Disney in 2014.

Some of our coolest technology implementations can be found in our interactive series
- Heidi R. Kling’s SPELLSPINNERS OF MELAS COUNTY (YAR) includes multiple pathways and a spooky magic trick in THE GLEANING
- Kira Snyder’s PARISH MAIL (MG/YA mystery) features twisting pathways and choices that unlock special scenes for careful readers
You can see a full list of our titles here:


I’m happy to answer just about anything…our technology, authors, publishing trends, chief kitten officers, marriage, having it all, why Waynn is the best cofounder, pies, mistakes we made, and things we’ve done right…

Coliloquy’s editorial team will read two unpublished manuscripts or self-published books.


Contest will be open from July 11th through July 14th. Winners will be announced the week of July 15th.